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As many of us from all corners of the world have been isolated in our homes, stunned by a catastrophic pandemic that halted life as we knew it prior to 2020, feelings of bewilderment, frustration and fear may have come over us. Many of us suspect that there are more answers to the medical mysteries we currently face than are being brought into the public dialogue. We wonder, how is this happening? Why do we not have more scientific explanations for who is at-risk to be infected? What measures can we take to help those who are at-risk so that we can more effectively prevent or mitigate against the harms of Covid-19? And, very importantly, can we free those amongst us who are not at-risk of severe infection from continuing to have to live with the current level of restrictions being placed upon them?

At talkMCAS.com we believe that there are valid scientific answers to these questions and that the vast majority of people who need to know these answers appear to be in the dark. Our national and international public health institutes seem unaware of or unmotivated by the sky-rocketing prevalence statistics of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and how it is most-likely impacting our current health crisis, as well as how MCAS may be impacting many other acute and chronic illnesses worldwide. We hope to bring to light these vitally important matters and we hope that all global citizens will join us in our efforts by forwarding the www.talkMCAS.com link far and wide.

Established for the purpose of providing MCAS education and awareness, talkMCAS.com is an open-science research forum with an “equal opportunity to learn through access-to-all” policy. Through educational videos, blog posts and the presentation of a catalogue of credentialled medical research publications, we are committed to expanding our global knowledge of this debilitating yet highly-treatable blood disorder that is impacting the immunological health of an estimated one-fifth of the world’s population.

As a contribution to the talkMCAS.com mission of MCAS research, education and advocacy, MCAS patient and research writer, Diane M. Kane, is providing online access to prepublication manuscripts of a research compendium she has compiled regarding the epigenetic co-morbidity that is transpiring between MCAS and SARS-CoV-2 in Covid-19. The final work will be published in book-form as The MCAS and Covid-19 Theory: A Multidimensional Epigenetic Phenomenon. It is an extensive four-part volume of research and the introductory chapters will be made available for all to view openly and freely on talkMCAS.com. It is our hope that these scientific findings can assist the MCAS and Covid-19 populations and their healthcare providers to more effectively address the current crisis. A PDF version of the working Research Draft of the full volume of The MCAS and Covid-19 Theory will be made available to all fellow researchers and healthcare stakeholders who request the document by email at info@talkMCAS.com, without prejudice.

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Together we can have victory over MCAS and Covid-19.